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REdefine SPACES _ WE use spaces in TRANSIT

Covid accelerates the trend towards the conversion of spaces. The main areas affected are retail and office spaces that have to be used for new purposes. We use these spaces for shorter and longer periods of time [3 months up to 3 years] with challenging cultural projects. These projects revive the unused areas, maintain and increase their value and lead to the upgrading of the surrounding area.
Culture has hardly been able to develop on space in recent years, as rental prices have grown almost unchecked over the past decade. In this new phase, synergies arise between the creatives and the property owners, which open up exciting perspectives. _We contribute to this with our concepts_

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Covid reveals the truth about what is always the same in modern inner cities as places of alienation with a complete loss of their classic urban functions. The upcoming vacancy in retail space gives the opportunity to [re]define cities and make them places of residence again. Culture plays a decisive role in this. 
The city centers should once again become places of coming-together and de-commercialization in regard to large-scale-sale of mass-products. Art and culture will contribute a lot to this. They create relevance, a confrontation with something different, an occasion to travel, talk and linger. By this we do not mean at all an expanded concept of culture into entertainment, but rather art and culture as distinctive high-end products that should be available to the general public. For this, concepts of existing houses have to be revised and combined with dynamic forms of presentation. Our focus on textile products and art forms a bridge between applied art and "pure art". They are therefore often easier to perceive even for visitors who are far from art without losing anything of the charm of the original
Art can only ever be a key word in the social and personal debate. But that's a lot in the discourse about a more human society. At the same time, it can lift you out of everyday life, widen your eyes and bring you to rest as an emotional element of a post-sacred and post-ritual society.

Make YOUR SPACE relevant_ART makes RELEVANCE
With this ticket to ride, we offer you the transformative power of ART making your space relevant. In 25 years art reached a 600% increase and as we all do know real estates are constantly linear rising. The amalgamation of the two sectors with REAL relevance and REAL content makes the difference. 

Thanks to our international network of artists we UPGRADE your space and make it maximally visible. Stunning at first glance is the maxim. By working with the BEST, we guarantee the highest level of artworks. Refresh now your Space and convert your Uncertainty into Superiority - with us.