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“Gianni Versace Retrospective” an exhibition of the iconographic creations of the legendary Italian designer Gianni Versace [1946-1997] curated by the dreamREALIZER. Only originals from private international collections are shown.




Gianni Versace
Drawings by Bruno Gianesi

Naomi Campbell

The baroque style became synonymous with Gianni’s aesthetic, that of dominance and opulence. It’s no coincidence that his >>barocco<< is still the most counterfeit pattern in the world today.


See Gianni’s Barocco

Gianni, killed on the morning of July 15 in Miami, in front of his casa casuarina on Ocean’s Drive🌊: keys in on hand, newspaper in the other and two shots in the head fired by the anger of a party boy, Andrew Cunanan.



See Gianni’s Miami

Star Attraction: Fashion:  As always, Italian hotshot Gianni Versace dazzles ‘em. “I like sexy clothes”, he says during L.A.trip. “They break barriers” — Los Angeles Times


“Chic or Cruel?” –  New York Times 

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Through an American gaze Gianni used the 1960’s and 70’s US pop culture as a reference point. Thus he made fashion itself a part of pop-culture, breaking up traditional borders between high-fashion and pop.



His S/S 1991 pop art collection was filled with Andy Warhol’s inspired Marilyn Monroe, Jim Dine’s patchwork fo hearts, Robert Indiana’s lettering, Betty Boop’s cartoon, Gustav Klimt’s “woman in gold”, covers of Vogue magazine...


 First Berlin – Kronprinzenpalais,
then Sweden – Textilmuseet Borås,
then South Germany – Mac Museum,
then Netherlands – Groninger Museum,
now Poland – Stary Browar Gallery,
tomorrow Lisbon.

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